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Has to deal, with all sorts of people, in every circumstance, --for--SURE

The folks they assist, in EMERGENCY--ROAD--SIDE--SITUATIONS
Can be so calm, collective and cool, or can be as dangerous, as-someone, pulling-- on --them --KNIFE--or--a--GUN

The folks can be so appreciative, kind, considerate, and --CARING
Or so ungrateful, mean, insensitive, entitled, demanding, demeaning, acting as they are--GREATER--THAN-- a --KING

The folks can, applaud, your professionalism--, sharpness,-- knowledge,-- and --helpfulness
Or they can , give you, respect, and admiration, so much --very --LESS

They are strong, confident, professional, kind, caring, courteous, and --being --a --life --saver,-- helping --others --stranded --and --in --a --bind,--giving all respect, more none the --LESS

Not everyone could handle the-- responsibiluties of a , TRIPLE--AAA--DRIVER
They have to be MOTIVATED---PROFESSIONAL--and with knowledge--of--every--make--of--AUTO---and--a--SURVIVOR

By john d Jungers
11th of February--2017

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A. Triple--AAA--driver