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A person, doesnt forget
Another person, who made them feel, hurt, shame, disgrace, and-- regret

A person, will not forget, how another person, made them feel
Good, great, or wronged, weak! And low, fake or real

Our feelings with others will go on and linger
How another person made us feel, in happenings in our life, living, and love, that did-- occur

Especially, when you know, and you felt that for them you did your very best, and more than your best
And then they had the audacity and the nerve, to make you feel, so, unappreciated, and so down, and low, so much more LESS

One can, and will not ever forget
The hurt, shame, and disrespect, that another makes --them-- feel, with great-- neglect

With all folks, we can be, and we try our, very best, to be, very--loving, and understanding and forgiving
But the fact of the matter, is one can --and --will --NEvER--forget,-- another who made them feel, --sad, --hurt,-- shamed, --disrespected, --shunned--, ignored,-- taken for granted--, in their life, and living

A person, will, take the abuse, for a time or --two
But will come to a defining moment, when thats, it and its over, complete, done and-- through

So one just has to come to accept, that things and people are --who --they --chose --and wish --to --be
And its just plain, simple-- and --a --FACT--everybody is not always going to --embrace, --love, --and --appreciate-- and --RESPECT--, us --just --how --we --are, --for --us --all, --you --and --ME

So, as we should just learn to accept that --reality
And pray, and let go and let God,----- let things fall in place as they are just meant to --BE

By john d Jungers
15th of February 2017K

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A person doesnt forget