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Im watching cartoons with little--BELLA
The songs and dance, are a--SWELLA

She is sitting there as close as sh can, to the --T.V.
And its so cute, how she will look, back and giggle, and, smile at--ME

The different stories, and-- educational --fun--nursery--RHYME
Is in cartoon, fun and play, , song, tune --dance--and --TIME

The --alphabet-- SONG
And --we --both --sing --hum ----and---dance---ALONG

The ten little monkeys jumping on the --BED
Then one rolled over -and-- bumpeded--, his --HEAD

Then the--grand-pa--called the doctor and the doctor said, hey no more jumping and playing on the-- BED
She smiles and giggles every word, of every nursery song, and rhyme, that is --sang, and--SAID

Watching ---cartoons--- with ---my ---little ---BELLA
It --makes-- me --feel, --greater-- than --great, --and --pretty----SWELLA

She still is between a baby and a big girl, now a few months-- past-- TWO
She is so full-of-- happiness --and --excitement-- in --all, --and --in --everything --that --she --will --DO

She --loves --to --wake --up --in --the --morning,-- and --is --always --so --excited --to --see --the --golden --SUN
And --say --im --awake, --and --she-will-- jump-- out-- of --her --bed, --and --she --is --on --the --RUN

By john d Jungers
16th of February 2017

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Watching cartoons with BELLA