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Im feelin, kinda, run-down, tierd, and-- LOW
Dont feel, very energized, and, upbeat, but, feel, sluggish, down, and,--SLOW

Am just a feeling, in a--LULL--and--LOW
Not, feeling, so, bright, vibrant, with, get-up-and--GO

So this i KNOW
Will, just stay, very still, calm, cool, collective--and--SLOW

I --know, --that-- ahead-- of --me, --still-- their--, are, --challenges-- of--MANY
I, dont, have, really, plans, today, much--of--ANY

I know, that my REST, is what, i gotta, --GET
Otherwise, i will, be too exhausted, and over tierd, with--REGRET

So, slow, but, --SURE
This day, i will, move, forward, and--ENDURE

Maybe--, playing, --with --little-- BELLA
Is --exhausting, --this, --grand-PA,-- and --sixty --year-- old--FELLA

So --ill, --improvise, --adapt, --and, -overcome--, this --feeling,-- of --low,-- lull,-- and --SLOW
And --ill --get --up --and --go,-- and-- do --my.-- Best,-- to --POSITIVELY---GLOW

With ---my ---mission, ---quest, ---and---GOAL
Ive,--- gotta ---stay---MOTIVATED---FOCUSED---DEDICATED--and---on---a---POSITIVE---ROLL

My weight loss, --PROGRESS
Has stayed, the exact--SAME

Its difficult, when, no new, progress, in, results--is--SEEN--or--KNOWN
And a new goal, and result, on the scale,--YOU--OWN

By john d JUNGERS
17th of February--2017

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Am feelin kinda tierd, rundown , and--LOW