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Im shifting gears, once more,--AGAIN
So --today, -I -will -be -heading -back -to -San-Diego--THEN

So, im much, more, tierd, exhausted, and--WEARYbr /> As im striving, thriving, and surviving, each new day, in everyway, in every place, that i stay to be the best that i can--BE

So the struggle is --REAL
As each morning when i arise, more tierd, worn down, and exhausted i really --FEEL

I --know, --my-goals,-- completely --have --not --been --fully --MET And if i did, begin eatting any solid foods, i know i will, feel, failure, defeat, dissappointment, and great--remorse, and--REGRET

So its been a year, on the 16th of December, and two months, and now, going on the third day, of month --THREE
As i strive, to get this excess weight off of, me, and to be,and stay, fat,--FREE

So my gears, today-again, --i --a --SHIFT
And i know, im much more a weary, and not as, focused, and full of energy--, as i feel, much more --ADRIFT

So--much-- more --rest-- i --must --ACHIEVE
And my mission, my quest and goal, to be my very best of my best, in myself i must-stay--focused-- and--preservere, persist, be patient--and--BELIEVE

So with the mission, quest, and goals at--HAND
Today, i shift a gears once more, and continue, with my mission, quest, goals , and--PLAN

By john d Jungers
19th of February 2017

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Im shifting gears once more again