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I am trying to BE-CALM--and--STILL
As humbly, i PRAY, Gods Ways, not mine be done, and--his----WILL

Im trying to be--CALM
As through, my life, living, and love, i move--ALONG, and i know GOD, holds me in his -LOVING--hands----and---almighty---PALM

Today, im just reflecting, praying, and silently, calmly,--faithfully-- STAYING
Motionless, speechless, calm, and still, as im reflecting, and----PRAYING

For --life's--, roads,-- can-- turn, --slippery,--treacherous,--dangerous,-- wet, --and --WILD
In --a --heart-- beat, --from --being, --slow,--calm,--still,-- smooth, --and,--meek --and---MILD

For -ahead -the -road -may -look,-- smooth,- and --easy
Wide --open, --effortless --and --happy--and--care--free

But even the, skies are blue, with not a cloud in --site
In a moment, things can be turned, around, -and- upside down, and for your every breath of your life you struggle to breathe, survive and fight

As this very breath and moment, im reflecting,, praying, and, staying,--VERY-- still,--quiet--silent-- and --FAITHFUL--and--CALM
Knowing,--- that ---GOD,--- holds ---ME---beautifully,--- LOVINGLY, ---right ---in ---HIS---LOVING---hands ---and ---ALMIGHTY----PALM

By john d jungers
21st of February 2017

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I am trying to be CALM, and -STILL