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The safety, and well-being of his children, he must --ENSURE

Every --kid, --is--DIFFERENT
But --each --child, --a ---FATHER---must --stand --up --for,-- support--, and --REPRESENT

Each child, has strengths, weaknesses, strong and weak points, in each a different --WAY
Some kids from their,---FATHER---, they --revolt,-- disrespect--, and --STRAY

When a child is in trouble, a ---FATHER---comes -to -their- aid--rescue--and--CALL
A---FATHER-, will -be -there -to -catch,- them -when -they --FALL

Right--- now, ---i ---have--- a ---troubled--- SON
Who --has --been--adrift-- homeless--, confused--, mixed --up --and-- on --the --RUN

Right- now- he -is -off -the -streets, -and- asleep--safely-- in-- my --CAR
He -has -drifted, -estranged, -himself--from --the --family --now --very --AFAR

He ---has ---burned ---every ---bridge---, with--- EVERYONE
And --now, --im -- his ---DAD--- and --to --take-- him,-- in,-- im --the --only --ONE

In -the -morning, -i -will -get -him -a --BREAKFAST
And -hope- his -stability, -will -this- time --LAST

Im --listening --to --him, --rant --and --RAVE
And --encouraging --him, --to --be --loving, --courageous--forgiving--humble --and --PRAY--and --HOPE--he --can --be --SAVED

Im --thankful--, tonight--, we --were --able --to --MEET
From --a--call-- from --my --youngest-- son, --i --was --able --to --find --him,-- and --get-- him --off --of --the --dangerous,-- STREET

The company that he has--KEPT Now-- i --hope --to --GOD,-- he --sees--, and-- realizes-- has--been, --his --sad, --remorse, --mistake--and --deep--REGRET
Now, --under --my --wing--, i --will --reach --out, --and- do -my -very, -very -BEST
In --the --morning,-- will --be --a --real, --challenge-- and --TEST

To --find--him --a ---safe-haven, --and --a --place,-- to --STAY
Is --going --to --be --the -- mission--, quest,-- and --goal, --of --the --DAY

I --will --not, --let --him --out --of --my --SIGHT
Im --going --to --get --him --help, --and --get --him --on --the --right --track, --and --squared --away, --and --help --him,-- fight --the --good-- FIGHT

He --is --my--SON
This depression, and troubles that he is facing, can and will be conquered --BEAT--and--WON

I can understand, how with, all his brothers and sisters of six, he has burned, every bridge time and time --AGAIN
Now its only me, his ---FATHER---, and --im --his --only --FRIEND

I will do all that i --CAN
To PRAY, with him, and stand next to him, and support him, and help him through this, and-- proudly--triumphantly--STAND

A ---FATHER---can never give up on his daughters or sons, and will be, there for them, when they need him the --MOST
A---FATHER--- will-- forever-- be --his--childrens-- best--friend-- when-- they --need --HIM--the --very --most--, to ---LOVE--- them --unconditionally--, lovingly,--- and---CLOSE

By john d jungers
21st of February 2017

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The love of a FATHER