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For only, a parent, can--KNOW
When, to hold, and embrace, and when to hold back, and let--GO

So as its --TRUE
When you hold back, all, and, everything, in what you say--and--DO

I tried my very best once --AGAIN
To gain, the confidence, and favor, of my troubled--SON

But--- my ---way, ---to ---HIM---is ---the ---street---and----HIGHWAY
As ---HE---continues---, to ---BE--- and,--- ACT----so---DEFIANT---in---every----WAY

So am, outta contact and touch with him once--AGAIN
As has been the story, since he has been sixteen, as he choses to make all of his--New--best--FRIEND

But really, when he is down to his very lowest, of--LOW
All of his great friends, they are no where to be seen, ya--KNOW

For only a parent can, know, and understand, when to embrace and when to hold back and let go
So here we go, on a new chapter ya know

By john d jungers
10th of march 2017

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When to LET--GO