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When you look at the WORLD, through the innocence, and LOVE, of a childs--EYES
They are so happy, excited, with everything, as such of a breath taking, and beautiful--SURPRISE

When a humming-bird, came to the patio, window the other-DAY
The look on the face of little BELLA, was such beautiful, amazement in every--WAY

When she sees a pretty, wild flower in BLOOM, she smiles just as beautiful, and BRIGHT
She just loves, loves, being outside, wirh the golden sun, beautiful--LIGHT
She loves the out- doors, the birds and the --TREES
She loves to pick up, and gather all of the --LEAVES

Playing in the dirt, and collecting different beautiful rocks in her beach --PAIL--is--what--she--loves--MOST
As she will say, grand-pa, look at my rocks, as she so proudly--BOASTS

When an airplane passes --BY
It catches her attention, even its so high up in the --SKY

When you look at the WORLD, through a --childs-- EYES
Its with such beautiful, sweet, innocence, and honesty, with such DELIGHT--EXCITEMENT--LOVE--and--SURPRISE

The things that a child will say, the things that a child will--DO
Portrays-- a --beautiful --world,-- so --LOVING--SPECIAL--and--TRUE

By john d jungers
11th of March 2017

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When you look at the WORLD through a CHILDS--EYES