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Faith, will, WIN, in, each, and EVERY, RACE
In --every-- corner-- of --this --vast--BEAUTIFUL--and-- WONDROUS-- --WORLD--in--EVERY--CLIME--and--PLACE

For us all. In our, life, living, and LOVE, LIFE, it is just too --SHORT

To --live --a --life, --all --for --our --OWN-- selfish --SELF--with --NO---FAITH, -- of --any--SORT

Many-- times--, a --PERSON--, can --NEVER-- COMPREHEND--or --COME--to--UNDERSTAND
That --GOD, --our,--- HOLY--FATHER,--- is--holding--each--one--of--us--in--his--LOVING---CARING---HANDS

When --one, --HAS--REACHED --the --BOTTOM--of --LIFE And --CUT--, DEEPLY, --and --HARSHLY, --by --TURMOIL--, TROUBLE, --DEVASTATION-- and----STRIFE
With --devastating-- troubles--, turmoil-- and --STRIFE
It --many-- times --is --ONLY-- THEN--THAT-- THEY-- REALIZE--, KNOW--COMPREHEND--and --FULLY--,UNDERSTAND--, that-- their-- is --a --RHYME--RHYTHME--, and --REASON--, for --US--ALL-- in --each --and --in --every----LIFE

For me, as a boy in second grade, with rheumatic fever, my health was --LOST
As a boy,in catholic school, i couldnt understand why GOD, took my health, i couldnt stand or walk, and my fairh in GOD, it COST

I --thought-- to --myself, --just--what-- did --i --do, --, at, --AGE--SEVEN,--that, -- was --so --AWFUL--and-- WRONG I --felt-- GODS, --LOVE-- MERCY, --and --GRACE --with-- ---ME--JUST--DID --NOT---- RIGHTLY----BELONG

For -- AWHILE-- I--LOST-- all --OF--MY---FAITH
Until,- i -learned, -to -let--GO--and--let--GOD--GUIDE--MY--WAY--and--not -- GIVE, --UP, --not--GIVE--IN--and --to--FIGHT-- the --GOOD-- FiGHT --and --AGAIN-- i --FOUND--MY---FAiTH--to--FIGHT----the---GOOD----FIGHT--in--my--LIFE--LIVING--and---LOVE----IN----EACH----and----EVERY----RACE

By john d jungers
11th of march 2017

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