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Finally, finally, she fell--ASLEEP
As i havent heard from her another--giggle, or--PEEP

She was just, so over excited, and exhausted, from --the--OUTING--TODAY
Tonight, was the first time ,that my daughter and son in law went out to a restaurant, and from little BELLA--AWAY

Even-- though--, she --is --pretty--comfortable --with---ME
She --couldnt-- fall --asleep, --until --her --mommy-- and --daddy--, she --came --to---SEE

So it was a challenge, and ordeal, to help her relax, and fall--ASLEEP
But now, this little toddler, is asleep, so sound, and--DEEP

Being around this little girl, is a true blessing for --ME
As i am enjoying, every little, thing, through her eyes, with, --amazement --and --excitement, --just-- the-- same-- as --she --does----SEE

She-- loves---to---wiggle--and--giggle--laugh --and-- PLAY

And--- has ---fun, --in ---every----WAY

Every ---little----THING
Gives --her --such ---JOY--and----HAPPINESS----, and --where --ever-- she --is, --happiness-,--CHEER-- and --a --huge---SMILE,-- to --all --others --so --easily---and----LOVINGLY----she----will----BRING

By john d jungers
11th of march 2017

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