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In --anything, --and --everything, --just --BE, --and --DO, --your----very--BEST
For us, all, everything in our life, living, and LOVE, is a-challenge--of--our--FAITH--, and --is---a--TEST

To be, and always do, our very, very, --best, of our--very--BEST

With --PEACE, --LOVE,-- SERENITY--, FAITH--, and--HOPE

Good -LUCk-will -COME- to -THOSE-, WHO--WORK--HARDER
Good --LUCK-- will-- come --to --those --who ---SPEAK-LESS--and --LISTEN-MORE--- and-- are --WISER---and --SMARTER

Success-, will -come- to -a -person,- when- they -are ---HUMBLE---KIND---THOUGHTFUL---, CARING---COMPASSIONATE---- and---SHARING
They --may-- not --become-- the --most --famous--, or --richest-- in --the --world,-- but --the-- success--that-- they--know--own---and--feel--, in --their ---GOOD--FAITHFUL---and--LOVING---HEART--, to --any --other --is --not--close--in--COMPARING

By john d jungers
12th of March 2017

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In everything, and anything, just be and do, your--BEST