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Another DAY, will SOON, come to an END--THEN
And in the morning, will, continue, my mission, quest, and--GOALS--AGAIN

So will soon,lay, down-- to--REST
And a brand new, day--TOMORROWi will, CONTINUE--to--DO--my--very--BEST

Another day, soon will, be--finished and--THROUGH
And in the morning, a new day, will begin, a fresh and--NEW

With, drive, and purpose, and a mission in--MIND
Tomorrow1, new motivation, momentum, and discipline--i--again--will--seek--to--FIND

So with this day, behind me--SOON
I will awake, in the morning, with a POSITIVE--can, DO--Attitude--and--happy--TUNE

By john d jungers
13 th of march 2017

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Another DAY, will soon, come to an END then