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The family PET, owns the --HOME
And -is -in -charge,- complete- and--by--the--family--their--command--is--very--well--respected--and--KNOWN

The --family,-- LOVES--their-- little--PET
Everything-- around --the --family --pet --is --SET

So -much --PURE--LOVE--and --AFFECTION
The -family -pet -brings -for -each -and --EVERYONE

When -the -family -PET-- becomes --Sick----and----ILL
The --family-- will --sacrifice --all --that --they --have --to --get --their ,-- pet --well--, and --do --all --they --can --in --their----power--and----free----WILL

The --family--PET--is --the --center-- of --every --FAMILY
The -family -PET-, gives -UNCONDITIONAL--PURE---LOVE--day --and --night --for --FREE

By john d jungers
20 th of april 2017

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Family Pet