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Slow, but steady, will win the RACE
Just have to learn to take it slow steady and sure, and set a--realistic--PACE

If you take off too fast too SOON
Your gonna burn out before too long, and face failure and DOOM

Slow steady and SURE
You will get there to the finish line and your mission, quest and goals will succeed and ENDURE

We all, get impatient, and just want quick results and SUCCESS
We hate to be patient, when success is so, slow to come and much LESS

Stay slow, steady and SURE
Stick with it, stay your course, and your success will flourish and ENDURE

Set your goals, realistically, and attainable
Then-- with --your --motivation, --and --dedication, --pursue --and --maintain,-- your --momentum, --to --keep,--consistant --your,-- steady --positive, --ROLL

By john d jungers
20th of april 2017

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Slow but sure and steady will win the race