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My first work-out, of the DAY is--DONE
And- i -was -their -at -the -GYM-again, -just -before -the --RISING-SUN

I -always --LOVED, --LOVED,-- to -get -up -and -out -and --EXERCISE--and --RUN
Up --in --the --morning --and--doin--it--just --for --fun, --and --running --all --day --and --all --night--,MOTIVATED--and--DEDICATED--before, --the ,-- RISING--SUN

REVILLE--,--REVILLE--, that --WAS--the --MARINE,-- CORPS, --LIFE--for --ME--up --in --the --morning --BEFORE--the --SUN
And ---WE---WERE--DOIN--- IT---JUST---FOR---FUN

When --i --was --a --MARINE,-- i --made --a ---FORCE -MARCH -SONG
And ---all ---my ---MARINES, ---would ---together, ---MARCH--and---sing --and--shout----ALONG

With -my -rifle, -and -my -pack
We --dont- know -when -were -comin- back

Misery- misery,
Thats -the -MARINE -CORPS -LIFE -For- ME Lean, mean, and green We are UNITED STATES MARINES
Mama -mama- cant- you -see
What -the -MARINE -CORPS-, has- done- to -me

Oh -my -back- it -is -so -sore
Oh --LORD, --i --cant --take --it --anymore

I --have --blisters-- on --my --feet
But --ill --never --see --defeat

We --work --together-- as --a --team
We --are --UNITED-- STATES-- MARINE Misery misery Oh thats the MARINE CORPS LIFE FOR ME
Lean, --green, --and--MEAN

We --work --together-- as --a --TEAM
To --keep --our --reputation --CLEAN

Were--- ONE ---FOR ---ALL,--- and ---ALL ---FOR ---ONE
Here --we --go,-- were --on --the --RUN


So,-- my --new --day --at --the --GYM, --again, --has --BEGUN
And- -im- up, -movin--, and --groovin,-- and --out --and --about --on --my --POSITIVE,--MOTIVATED--DEDICATED-- MISSION--QUEST--, and --GOAL--just --for-----FUN

By john d JUNGERS

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First WORK-OUT Done