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Most often, our PROBLEMS, HAVE, EVERYTHING, to DO, with--OURSELF
We will DETERMINE. And. DECIDE, just, how any others, will AFFECT, us and --life, -living, -and -love--WEALTH

When, we FEEL, very much LESS--THAN
Anothers --CRITICISM--can --PENETRATE-- us,-- and --SET--us --a---BACK--and ---HURT- US----YES-- it --CAN
We --NEED-- to --REALIZE--and --KNOW
That --GODs ---UNCONDITIONAL,--- LOVE,---for ---us,--- is ---EVERLASTING---and-- BEAUTIFUL--SO

Our ---PROBLEMS--its --TRUE--STEM---from --WITHIN
So, --we --NEED--to --LOVE, --our --OWNSELF----FIRST---and---FOREMOST------INSIDE--and--OUT, ---and ---OUTSIDE----IN

By john d JUNGERS
27th of APRIL 2017

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Most often, our, PROBLEMS,,have EVERYTHING, , to DO, with OURSELF