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A ,-person,-who, -is, --, COCKY, --ARROGANT, --UNGRATEFUL--, DEFIANTE,-- and ---BOLIGERANT
They,- CAN--and--DO---EXHAUST--YOU---and---make -you --FEEL--Sadly---and---badly----as, --a --WITHERED-,--OLD---UNWATERED--, WEEPING--, and -- DRIED-- up, --NEGLECTED--and--REJECTED----DISRESPECTED---worn--out--and--weak--unwanted---PLANT


Some, folks-, will --WEAR--you--DOWN---to--the--------------------GROUND
Making you FEEL, so DOWN, LOW, and SAD--And----BAD-----PROFOUND
So, PEACE, to, OURSELF, we must HOLD, ONTO, at--LEAST, and, HUMBLY--PRAY
To, stay, CALM, to stay, COOL, to stay, COLLECTIVE, and to, FAITHFULLY, LOVINGLY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY, --all of the --SAD--the--BAD--and----NEGATIVE----AWAY

By john d JUNGERS
29 th of APRIL 2017

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A person, who is ungrateful, defiante, cocky, arrogant, and boligerant