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Goin fishin
Just to get a bite we would be a wishin

I remember my grand-pa, would fish at the Wisconsin lake
With a cane pole --eight- foot--long--and great

With a red and white bobber, hook and sinker
When he hit a school of sunnies and crappies and perch too, he--would catch more than fifty for sure

Always in there freezer, frozen fish they had,ready to --cook--and--fry
I just remember as a kid, the cane pole that my grand-pa, had, it seemed gigantic and ten feet---high

I got a zepco rod and wheel
It was pretty cool casting it way way out trying to catch a great northern pike, or Minnesota walleye, my --zebco--fishing--reel --was a prerty big deal

It was just fun to--cast
And thats how in the summer, time, hours and hours together me and my brother down at the lake past

We were so proud to bring every little fish home for mom to clean, and, for dinner prepare
And it was the greatest feeling beyond compare

Many many, summer hours we spent at the --MINNESOTA---lake
From sun up, to, the setting sun late

We couldnt wait to go again the, next early morn and, a, fishin
And getting a bite we would just be anxious and wishin

By john d jungers

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Goin fishin