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Being with my --GrAND-DAUGHTERS--of--THREE--is--such--of--a--WONDERFUL--BEAUTIFUL--GREAT--BLESSING--FOR--ME Just, --being --around --them --close--and --near, --they --listen, --and ---RESPECT-EVERYTHING--- --and --all --that --i --say, --and-- i --feel ,--with-- such --deep --deep--deep---RESPECT,--- and -make--me--feel--so--WONDERFUL---HAPPY,--and --FREE

They --are --LISTENING, --to----ME
When ---GOD, ---i --am --showing --them --how --to ---LOVINGLY, ---PRAYERFULLY---and ---FAITHFULLY----SEE

When -my -simple ---POEMS--- of ---my---LIFE, ---LIVING, ---and ---LOVE
That i read to them, they are seeing, and realizing how the ---LOVE, of GOD,--- is with us every breath of every step, guiding, us, loving us from the HEAVENS--ABOVE

To ---these ---GRAND--DAUGHTERS, ---of ---THREE
I feel so well --RESPECTED-- , how. They look at me, hug me, and listen, so lovingly, interestingly, to just simple--GRAMP--PA--ME

Really im feeling so --RESPECTED--BLESSED--and---IMPRESSED
Now ---before, ---i ---lay ---my ---head ---down ---to ---REST

These ---WONDERFUL--WONDERFUL--BEAUTIFUL--LOVING--LOVING--grand---daughters --of --FANTASTIC--FABULOUS----THREE I -feel -greater- that -great -how -each -and -everyone.- of -these -girls- they -show- me -just- how -much -that- they --RESPECT--, and--treasure --and --just--- LOVE--LOVE--LOVE--simple-----ME

By john d jungers
17th of may 2017

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Being with my--GRAND--DAUGHTERS--of--FANTASTIC--ThREE--is--such--of--a--WONDERFUL--GREAT--BLESSING--for----ME