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We --all,-- try --to --handle--, too --much --all --on --our--OWN
Without- the- TRUST,- FAITH, -HOPE,- and -LOVE--of--GOD--our--HOLY--FATHER----felt---or--KNOW

ALL--by---OURSELVES---everything --everything--everything---We--try--our--BEST--of--our--best--to--HANDLE- -all --on --our --OWN
By ourselves, all on our very own--and--all--ALONE

Let your HELP, come, from the LORD
Let the LORD, be your almighty SWORD

On our own
We can only do so much all ALONE

When --FAITH---HOPE---and ---TRUST-- in--GOD--is--SHOWN

By john d jungers
24th of MAY 2017

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We -ALL-try -to -handle --too --much -on -OUR--OWN