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Some people, they act so --SELFISH,-- RUDE, --and---DEFIANT
They act like they are better than everyone else and as ---GREAT----and---as--a--MIGHTY----GIANT

Its hard to accept
How, others are so --ruthless --unkind --and --uncaring--, and --can--dish --out --to --others ---so, -so, -so----GENEROUSLY----so----MUCH----HURT----HARM--and---NEGLECT--and--DISRESPECT

Some. People, they just are so, so, so--SELFISH
To --be --rude --unkind-- and --uncaring--is--their--SELFISH--WISH

Some, --folks --to ----BE-DEFIANT,--- that -is -just -who -they -choose -to -BE-and -they--ARE
That -type -pf -person,-all -that -you -can -do --is--PRAY, -and, -PRAY,- for -them,- and -can -just ----NOT--TRUST----them --consistantly--, very --very--very----a --FAR

By john d jungers
25 th of MAY 2017

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Some people they act so selfish rude and defiant