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My poems, of my life, living, and LOVE, i will continue to WRITE
Midnight --early --morning, --noon --and --NIGHT

The simple poems that come to my --HEART--and --MIND Here on my poetrypoem, site, they will come to life and --FIND
I --LOVE--LOVE--LOVE--it when my grand-daughters will read one of my a --POEM--that--on--this--here--poetrypem--site--is--a--SHOWN And -im --HAPPY-- to -them -that, -my -poems -of -my -life, -living, -and --LOVE--now -as -they -are -getting -older, -is --FELT, --UNDERSTOOD--and----KNOWN
Before my wish and desire was to write a country ballad song, and --FAMOUS--and--to--BE--DISCOVERED
Become, somebody, famous ,well known, rich ,and ,wealthy,, and ,have ,-----everything,,--everything--everything------ that i need, all from the song or poem-- from --my --poems of my life, living, and LOVE--simple--rhyme, rhythme and---every--WORD

But --now --i--UNDERSTAND-- and --i --really --really--really--do--fully--KNOW
That if at least--ONE-- person, i can--LOVINGLY--, and --POSITIVELY--touch , i am so --so--so--HAPPY, --and my --HEART--Will----shine--shine--shine--and--BEAUTIFULLY--HAPPILY--HAPPILY--HAPPILY----BEAM--and--GLOW

But i know in front of my two and a half year old grand-daughter --little--precious--BELLA
That when i write, a POEM, SHE, really knows that im. Writing it about HER and about HER,-- ALONE--and--SHE--will--say--gand-pa--are--you--WRITING--a--POEM--about--ISABELLA--and--i--will--SAY--YES------and----HER---I---tell-A

Im --RICH--and--FAMOUS-- already-- in --HER--sweet --and --innocent-- LOVING--LOVING--LOVING--BEAUTIFUL---HEART--and--EYES
Im --Rich, --wealthy, --famous, --and --i --am--SOMBODY--and--i--am--very--well--known--and--i--do--HAVE--EVERYTHING--as--the--True--TRUE--True--enduring--innocent--LOVE--of--a--grand--daughter--with--no--DISQUISE

So, i write and i write, and--i--WRITE
Knowing, that one day, when im a long, long, long, long--GONE, my grand childrens--children, and their children, and --------on --and --on,-- and --on------they will know the--simple--POEMS--, of my life, living, and --LOVE--from -their,-- grand-pa----JOHN----and-------GOD--------willing--i--plan--to--have--TEN--THOUSAND--POEMS--HERE--on--this--poetry-poem--wonderful--SITE

So i will continue, to WRITE,--about,---ANYTHING---, and ---EVERYTHING----, every,---- A---- DAY ----and---A----NIGHT
With the thought in my heart and mind, to help positively, and faithfully, to inspire all to be prayerfully, and with GODS, LOVE, to be, gracious loving, honest --humble--compassionate--courageous--forgiving--understanding--sincere and kind--and--LOVE---LOVE--LOVE---the--LORD--and--in--your--life--living--and--love---and--never--never--never---never--give--in--never--give--up--and--keep--on--a--keeping--on--a--fighting--faithfully--positively--and--LOVINGLY--the--good--great--and--GRAND--FIGHT

By john d JUNGERS

By john d jungers

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MY poems of my life, living, and love, i will continue to write