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Prepare, --practice,-- and --PRAY, --with----FORGIVENESS
It, --takes, --great --great--great--commitment--, and --strength, --through--peace, love, , compassion, --and--COURAGE--to--BE---FORGIVING--at--your--BEST

Let, your, --COURAGEOUS--LOVING, FORGIVENESS, set, the example, to, all, others, and--LOVINGLY--REACH

Prepare ---practice---and---humbly---LOVINGLY--LOVINGLY--LOVINGLY----PRAY
To,--- COURAGEOUSLY---, lovingly ---, FORGIVE, ---others--- today, ---in ---every----WAY

Prepare, ---practice, ---and,--- pray, ---with ---COURAGE---to, ---FORGIVE
And, in your, life, living, and LOVE, faithfully, humbly, and with mercy, grace, love, care, and --compassion------,COURAGEOUSLY------LOVINGLY-----Heart-fully, ---- FORGIVE, --and --in --your --life,-- living --and --LOVE---at--PEACE----LIVE

By john d jungers
12th of june 2017

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