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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . . Part Eight

Reindeer . . . Thank God!

Great Spirit help us!

Please my love.
Please open your eyes!

I can not find you
to only loose you again.

Reindeer And Spirit Walker
Endings and Beginnings

No amount of pleading,
would bring Reindeer back,
from her deep sleep.

She lay like an angel, with no recognition
that Spirit Walker, at last had found her,
and now held her close to his heart.

The young Brave prayed that somehow,
he could get her once again,
to the encampment of Chief White Cloud.

The Medicine Man, could then call upon
the spirits, to bring her back to
being whole again.

The village stood days behind them
and Reindeer showed no signs of
being able to make such a long journey

Reindeer opened her eyes, and looked around
at her surroundings. The only thing she knew for
sure, was that she was in a teepee.

Where was she?

The last thing she remembered, she had been
thrown hard from the back of Wind Spirit,
as he left her alone on the trail. Leaving her to
find herself looking directly into the eyes,
of a very angry, black wolf.

Unsteadily, she rose to her feet.
Everything felt strange to her,
but yet somehow,
so very recognizable.

How had she gotten here?
Where was here?

The teepee was quite large.
Her bed made of warm buckskin, with a
dream catcher hanging, just before her.

She ran her fingers
over the beautiful object of dreams.
Did its web hold all that had happened to her?
Had she found her way through its passage,
to once again, open her eyes to a nightmare?

She silently gave thanks to the Great One,
for she was quite sure that it was probably best,
that she did not remember, all that had happened
between the time of knowing, and the time of now.

Reindeer walked to the door
of the teepee, and looked outside.

How could this be?
She was again in the camp
of Chief White Cloud.

Had she only been dreaming?

The flap of her teepee opened, and before her,
stood Desert Wind, holding Running Bear in her arms.

'Oh my sweet baby!'

With tears running down her cheeks, Reindeer found her voice
long enough, to ask her old friend, how she had made
her way, to again holding Running Bear in her arms.

'Everything will be made clear in time Reindeer,
but for right now, you have a visitor. Do you think
you feel well enough to receive him?'

'Oh Great One
Please don't let this be only a dream!

Spirit Walker is it you?
Is it really you?'

The two embraced, this time
in true recognition of the love, they held
within their hearts for one another.

'Reindeer, I must leave you for now.
Give me Running Bear, and you my love,
find your way now, to beautiful dreams.
There will be time for us to talk later'

'Hush Reindeer, please say nothing.
Give me your hands.'

In our yesterday,
I broke our ceremonial wedding spear
in your face in anger.

Today . . . .

I pour sand into your cupped hands
as a symbol of cleansing all
that has happened between us.

We are equal in the blame.
I was so stupid Reindeer!

I came so close to loosing you
because of foolish pride.

will you continue
our lives journey with me?

You are cordially invited to the wedding
of Reindeer and Spirit Walker.

You must wait though however,
because for now, I must leave you.

To Be Continued . . .

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . . Part Eight

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