Heart Songs

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May 06, 2008
Reno Nevada,USA

A much simpler space in time
were the days that the above
headline was read
as breaking news.

We live in a world
of ever changing happenings
and my writing often times
reflect that very thing.

Please check back often
for any updates I may
post to Heart Songs.

Right now while I am
learning to navigate here
I have started to repost
a short story entitled
What Is Now My World.

I have broken it into chapters
that I will soon be linking
to what comes next should you
want to read more than
one chapter at a time.

I would love it if you could drop
in and give me any feedback
you might want to leave behind.

Until the next breaking news...
Remember to hold close
The ones you love and that
loves you in return.

Aspiring Angel