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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . . Part Nine



All yesterdays now put behind
Today two hearts will reunite
I spread my wings in joyful flight
Their future bright, their future bright
Sweet music floats upon the wind
A wedding now soon to begin
Long journey soon to find its end
We now begin we now begin

Reindeer and Spirit Walker
The Uniting Of Two Hearts

The morning dawned to be
almost as beautiful as the bride herself.
Reindeer stood before admiring eyes, awaiting
the chief's arrival upon the back of her
beloved Poncho. She and Running Bear, would
ride him to where the wedding would take place.

Chief White Cloud dismounted Poncho
handing his reigns to Reindeer. His horse Apache,
being brought to the chiefs side by a trusted Brave.
'Have you taken good care of my old friend?'
The chief asked, as he mounted Apache, to
look down upon Reindeer and her son.
'Reindeer, all is in readiness,
and the tribe awaits your union.
What a handsome young Brave you have
become Running Bear. Your Daddy is waiting
for you and Mommy. Are you ready to go?'
Reindeer could hardly believe, that Running Bear,
was no longer the tiny baby he once was,
when their journey to happiness had its beginning.
'Well, my little love.
You heard the chief.
Daddy is waiting for us.'


The wedding party approached the waiting tribe.
Spirit Walker moved forward from the crowd, to bring
Reindeer and Running Bear to the ground. Hand in hand
the family moved together to take their places.
Within the beauty of this setting and in the company
of all those they loved, the chief stood before Reindeer
and Spirit Walker, taking their hands within his own.
Spirit Walker, do you take Reindeer,
to be your companion until the day
you follow the White Buffalo to the Heavens?

Spirit Walker looked upon Reindeer and his son
standing so tall beside her, and said a silent
prayer of thanksgiving, for all the blessings
that was his own.
'Yes Chief, I do'
'Reindeer, do you take Spirit Walker
to be your companion until the day
you follow the White Buffalo to the Heavens?'
A tear escaped Reindeer's eyes as she realized
in certainty that all she had asked of the
Great Spirit, stood just beside her.
'Yes Chief, I do'

Spirit Walker please release your ceremonial arrow.
As it is released to the heavens you make a sacred vow,
that you will love and protect Reindeer and Running Bear,
all the days of your lifetime.

Reindeer, with the release of this dove, you pledge
to Spirit Walker, that you will trust his decisions
for your lifetimes, and will forever be faithful
to the love that the Great Spirit has granted you.

May you forever
walk in each other's footsteps as one spirit.

May you hold fast to the traditions of our ancestors
and the wisdom of their teachings.
May you forever find the same happiness
that shines from your eyes this day.


Reindeer and Spirit Walker,
In the presence of all that is assembled here,
and as your chief,
I now declare that you are of one heart.


There is yet one chapter
remaining to be seen.
To Be Continued . . .
Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

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Reindeer And Spirit Walker . . . Part Nine

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