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From being, somber, tierd, and blue, -------to --FEELING, --GREAT-- WONDERFUL, --with --HAPPINESS--,  and  ---BEAMING----TOO
as, here i am, in National-city, with my grand daughters of three, and --thats-- JUST--PRETTY----COOL

Every-every-EVERY----single----MINUTE-----THEM----- that--- i ----am ----AROUND
as--earlier--, when-- i --felt --so --dreary --lost --and --down, -------TO---this--exact --very --,moment,-- i ---just ---don't ---know--- or ---even, --care, ,--- what ---happened ---to ---that ---sad ---tierd ---worn ---out ---weary,--- dreary ----FROWN

that --when-- im --around --these-- --WONDERFUL--- grand-----daughters----of-----THREE-------for-----me------in------an------instant------any-------and------all------and------every------sadness-----WILL----NOT-----HAPPEN-----AGAiN-----or------OCCUR

By john d jungers

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From being somber, tierd, and, blue, to great- as --GOOD-AS--NEW