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A Story Within A Chapter

A True Happening

A Story Within A Chapter

There was a fresh blanket of snow
The day I first saw the old log house

It had been a very long road to here

We had lost our family business
And I was finding it harder and harder
To greet a new day with a smile

It had all begun
Only with an investment from a friend
And a vision of what could be

Placed within the walls of our dining room
For five years between 'L' shaped desks
And children being children
Our dream eventually outgrew the surroundings
Of home and moved to its own location

Before it was no longer?

It had grown to become the promise
Of a multi-million dollar corporation
Upon completion of signed contracts
Back within the time that a Million Dollars
Had the value that one would normally place
On such a large amount of what we call money

In all the years before and after
The beginning of this story I don't think
That my heart ever bled as much for another
As it did for my husband's heart during this
Period of our lifetime

The story of how it was all taken away?

.... Perhaps for another day

I will tell you this
It was not a pretty picture

Hersh and our son Kenneth
Were still in California
Trying to close down what was left
Of our business

They were living in a job shack
On the property we had been forced
To rent to store all of our
Remaining equipment

A job shack with no bathroom or shower
And sleeping bags for their beds

Kimberly then just thirteen and myself
Were staying with my mother and my mother's
Husband Ivan in Arizona

We as a family had been separated
For over six months not seeing each
Other in all that time

Together ... but separate
Trying to find our way back
To some sort of faith in humanity
And doing our best not to question
Our Lord with all our many why's

The stress of a very strong willed
Teenage granddaughter
Was getting on my Mother's nerves

Trying to keep the peace between
Kimberly and Grandma without
Stepping on my mother's toes
Was becoming harder by the day

Less and less were we seeing
Happy times at Grandma's house

Welcome still of course
But each of us drastically
Needing a way to find the road
Back to normalcy

Yes times for us were tuff
As I first laid eyes upon
What looked to be a small settlement
Of very old log homes

Unique they sat far back
Off of a Country highway that just
Also happened to be located on Kim's regular
Bus route to her Jr. High about twelve miles
Down the highway
Their location perfect and just a ways away
From where Mom and Ivan called home

On one side of the very long, wide
And steep lane stood three cabins
In various shapes and sizes
With a fourth standing alone

Placed within a configuration of a half moon
They sat just before a wooded glen
With a stream that led to a natural lake
Just up the highway

On the hill just on the other side
Of the gullied entrance stood the largest
Of the four rolled log homes

Peacefully it loomed before me
From beneath the Scarlet's, Coral's and Yellow's
Of another beautiful Arizona sunset

Was this old house to be our beginning
To finding our way back from the separation
Of family and the despair that had become our lives

Hershel had sent me every last dime we had
Telling me to find something to rent
And he and Kenneth would be on the road to us
With what we had salvaged from the life
We were forced to leave behind.

As I stood outside this old house
Looking at a shelter so much different
Than our dream home we had lost
I said a prayer that we could somehow afford
What I was so afraid would be yet again
Just beyond our reach

The yard was dead and overgrown with
Prairie grass that looked as if
It had not been mowed for several Summers

Some standing beneath the weight of the snow
That touched just their tips of brown in places
Upon snowdrifts here and there
That seemed to be calling for my daughter's sled

The house had been left unlocked for me to see

Pushing cobwebs aside
I opened the door and stepped inside

To Be Continued . . . .

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Feedback Treasured

Thank you for your time to read
this chapter in my family's lifetime.
I hope you will continue with us
on our journey within a memory.

How Time Slips Away

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A Story Within A Chapter