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SOMETIMES ----you---- just ----have ---NO ---MORE ---WORDS ---to ---SAY
to even a --GROWN--thirty-two-year-old----SON ---who -has -caused -you- so -so-so--MUCH--unrest- disrespect -defiance -with -their -know -it -all- arrogance laziness --and --selfishness--FOR--the--PAST-------------sixteen-----------exhausting -exhausting-exhausting------years ----in----EVERY---WAY

SOMETIMES YOU. JUST. HAVE. NO  MORE. TO  SAY. AFTER. Seems like years and years of disappointment defiance arrogance boligerance and blatant ruthless unkind disrespect in every way. Day after year after year after--DAY in every every every every--BIG--and--LITTLE--WAY
SOMETIMES their is a point of no return after every bridge has been torched and burned SOMETIMES for a person even a SON. No more words are left and all you can do --IS  LET  GO--and-- LET  GOD. --And.-- Just ----PRAY---PRAY--PRAY--hold--onto--HOPE--FAITH--And--LOVE--AND--JUST--SURRENDER--and--PRAY

Just PRAY that they can find their-----WAY
as--humanely emotionally mentally physically you stand-------- totally -totally-totally---------EXHAUSTED---------And--USED--UP----------and----------TAKEN--ADVANTAGE--OF--and--JUST--SUCKED--DRY--for--the--FINAL--VERY--LAST--LAST--LAST--TIME------- and have to give it to GOD and let God take control and just simply.  PRAY. PRAY. PRAY---. And ---be ---silent---- and ---get--your--PEACE---BACK---and----JUST--------------stay--stay--stay----SILENT----and----- AWAY

By john d jungers
30th of august 2017

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Sometimes you just have no more WORDS to SAY