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Life can be like a bOWLING--GAME
how the pins toss tumble and tilt and fall the--SAME

You can throw and roll a perfect -score--of--TEN
when the --BOWLING-- BALL-- hits every pin right-on and they all toss fumble tilt and whirl, falling down to the ground every one -of -the -TEN--THEN

Some BOWLERS throw the BALL so hard and--MEAN
and either its  a strike lightening clean, or a gutter BALL ugly and --MEAN

The best BOWLERS have so  much  patience,--strength,--accuracy --style and --FINESE
they usually put a hard spin on the BALL as when it twist shouts and hits it mixes-shakes-rattles--and--rolls--and--mows-the-PINS-all--ten--down-the---BEST

When a BOWLER throws a --SPARE
the best dont get angry, They stay patient and have one more chance to knock down the spare

If the ball goes in the--GUTTER-------------be-careful--ALOUD--the--word---that-you--angrily--feel--you--dont--UTTER

By  john d jungers

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Life can be like a BOWLING game