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River to the Sea                           By: Sonja Carnes

         I go to find my ship it waits for me at the winding river.      
         I hear the Captian call for me I feel my body shiver...
         Last night I walked on open land and talked about the Sea,
         But the river is where I start it will transfer me.
         To open waters where I need to be!
         Do you hear the waters flow, do you know your soul begins
         To show? Now gather what you need for your trip, bring a
         Lot of water for the ship!
         Know the wind is at your side until the ship meets open tide.

         Sun sets the Captian rings his bell, go now my friend in order
         To bypass Hell! No time for long goodbyes, gather food for the
         Sea salt souls.
         Wind and rain will rip and roar but your ship will safely come
         To shore.
         Oh Captain I know my journey is not commonplace,
         I see the shores of gold,
         Now touching our Maker's loving Face...!

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River to the Sea By: Sonja Carnes