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Trying to stay on the POSITIVE MOVE
doing my best to stay in a MOTIVATING GROOVE

For if too long that im off of my POSITIVE--TRACK
any person, who has lost a pound before of any or many,THEY very very well know,  what i mean,when i say that-- i --fear , another, another, another, same old same old story and--SET-BACk--of--DISAPPOINTMENT--with-weight-gain--a--BACK

So, i know thats why that for me --it --is --my --PASSION--to--POSITIVELY--PRAY--and--WRITE
for as i know the --truth --the--whole--truth--with any and with every --addiction --as a persons curse and conviction, is to always seek a --HIGHER-- power------GOD------pray, --hold --onto----HOPE, --and to thine ownself stay humble honest and kind, sincere--and--HONEST--and--strive-thrive-and-survive-looking--seeking--and--finding--GODS--everloving-ever-knowing---life,mliving, and LOVE--LIGHT--and-live-love-and-laugh-free--from--any--and--every--ADDICTIONS--and--shine--our--loving--hopeful--positive--humble--faithful--glowing--beautiful--enduring--LIGHT

By john d jungers
15th of september 2017

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Trying to stay on the POSITIVE move