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I have been, BLESSED, to--KNOW
People with TRUE, beautiful, BELOVED, LOVING, HEARTS, that so LOVINGLY, easily--GLOWED

My grand-ma, and my mother, were the greatest--LOVING--beautiful, HEARTS, in my life, living, and LOVE, that i ever met or came  to-KNOW
i remember very well, how every place that they went, how their HEARTS,shined beamed and --really--did--so--beautifully--LOVINGLY--GLOW

Both my mother and my grand-mother, they never-never-never, said a harsh hurtful, mean word, as-SUCH
they had such of a deep deep deep, love, and faith, and they LOVED the GOOD, LORD, so beautifully, and devotionally, and LOVINGLY--so-so-so--MUCH

By john d jungers

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I have been BLESSED, to KNOW