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A babies WHINE
 Your going to  hear them WHINING  twenty four seven, be it rain, night, day or --SUNSHINE

Babies WHINE
and once they awake and WHINE, you need to go to them right away, to ensure they are --all--well --and --and--PERFECTLY--COMFORTABLE--HAPPY--and--JUST-just-JUST--FINE

Balies WHINE
and when you tend to them, they are-either-- wet --dirty--tierd--fussy--, or --hungry--MOST--of --the --TIME

Babies WHINE
they just want your attention, love and support with snuggle and cuddle SOMETIMES

Babies whine
day and night ,mfrom the mignifpght and early sunshine

Babies whine
and once your kids are so much older and grown, you--- REMEMBER-- the -BABIES-times when they cried fussed and whined, as really in your life living, and LOVE--as--the--very-very-very--BEST--BLESSED--and--HARDEST---and--MOST--CHALLENGING----of----TIMES

When an infant little precious baby child is --WHINNING-- and-- FUSSING--and --CRYING
to come  to there side and  aide and care,-- as --a --MOMMY--and --DADDY--their is no time to stall, and --their--comfort-care-and-well-being---and--safety--them to--be---DENYING

A child CRYING
they just want to be --held,-- cuddled --and --snuggled--changed --and --fed,-- to --stop --and--SOOTHE--their --WHINNING--and---SIGHING

a --MOMMY-- and-- DADDY-- they -feel- so ---BLESSED-blessed-BLESSED--FULFILLED--and-- HAPPILY-HAPPILY-HAPPILY-- --EXHAUSTED------and-----BEAUTIFULLY--THRILLED--complete-and---FULLS

By john d jungers

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A babies whine