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a person seeks from being abandionedship

Being alone
with no affection, or companionship shown

After abandenment
many sad, times, ALONE, with dark lonliness is SPENT

For --even --a------CENTURIAN---- elderly-- who-- is --LONELY--and---all----ALONE
they would give-all that they had, to have a --simple --KIND--, CARING--, and --LOVING--COMPANIONSHIP--of--another,--FELT-- and----KNOWN

Being --alone --may --be--okay--and--suit --SOME
but for me i will never feel --HAPPINESS-- COMPLETE-------not-------until -one-day ---HOPEFULLY--sooner -than- latter- someone -i -may -be-BLESSED--to--find --, so --SPECIAL, --and --LOVING--GENUINE--and--TRUE--, and --the----ONE

By john d jungers
17th of september 2017

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