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It has only been a short time
So it won't matter if I go, I
Needed a friend, but now 
It all ends, I've my faith
It will always be 
My power
He guides me
In my my
The golden rule
Is a practice in
Life, but too many,
Finds pieity as srife..
A head is turned
A candle 
Unwanted, unseen
Not knowing why
I just wanted to
Be heard before
I die,
but some....
Will remember
Those who were
and all the....
Rest is left behind..
He is a friend of 
Mine, at an early
Start, he is the one
Who will never part...
Many blessings have
Come my way,
He has given me a 
Beautiful family.....
He hears my heart
He guides my way..
God bless you all
And have a good 
Day...He is my Shepherd...
His mighty love lights 
The way...

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He Guides My Way