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We all have so many complicated--Happy--and--sad--good--and--bad--EMOTIONS
as we all are dealing with so many different things and--COMOTIONS

People deal with their--EMOTIONS-- in --happy---good--and---CONSTRUCTIVE---POSITIVE----------or-------sad--bad- and --DESTRUCTIVE--NEGATIVE---either--REVEALING---or---CONCEALING-----WAYS
the --EMOTIONS-- that we feel good and bad happy and sad, directly affect us in every which way, every single breath of each--and--every--DAY


When we --STUFF-- our--EMOTIONS-- and--FEELINGS-- down,- and -keep -them -in -the -lost -and. -Not -addressed-- and --FOUND
one -day -the --EMOTIONS-- you --STUFFES-- and --did --not --show --and --address, --will --hurt--hinder--and--harm--you --and --knock --you --down --HARD--hard--HARD--P-R-O-F-O-U-N-D

When--EMOTIONS-- are not addresed and dealt with, direct up front  and  out in the --OPEN
you will cause yourself more --HURT-- and --STRESS--, latter --THEN

When we do not trust another to honestly truthfully. Completely--peel our onion--and--open---UP
if we withold our complete--EMOTIONS-- and just--SUCK--it up and conceal and keep the hurt pain and shame, inside, we will become a sick --PUP

When our--EMOTIONS--we-- SUCK --it --up --and --STUFF

When our-- EMOTIONS--are--not--ADDRESSED
we hold back ourselves from completely, elitely--being-and-becoming-our-honest-sincere-very-BEST, and --GREATEST

A bad vice many will turm to when their --EMOTIONS-- they --cover--up--and--CEASE-- to --ADDRESS
when their--EMOTIONS-- they keep deep inside and  hide and share --NONE-- the---LESS

So as when we learn to --TURN--to-- GOD, --with--HOPE--and--FAITH--with-----surrender ----and --PRAY
we will  have such, of a --WONDERFUL--, EMOTIONAL-- healing --release, --as --we --know --our --GOD,-- hears-- our -every -hurts -worries -and  -troubles -and --deep, --EMOTIONAL-- pains-- in --every-EVERY-every--WAY

Our--EMOTIONS-- need to be --RELEASED-- and --ADDRESSED
or if we hold our--EMOTIONS-- DEEP-deep-DEEP--inside --conceal-- and--hide--, with-- lost --pride --we --will --never --be --and --become-- our --very --BEST

When we peel our onion, and release even our--DEEPEST-- kept secrets and --EMOTIONAL-- baggage ,and--release--all-- of --our --insecurities --hurts --and --PAINS
It will be your greatest-- BLESSING-- and --CLEANSING-- beautiful. --GAINS

Dont suck up your--EMOTIONS-- troubles-- hurts --problems--pains--, and-- COMMOTIONS
PRAY--PRAY--PRAY-- and --have--TRUST-TRUST-TRUST-- in --the --good--LORD--with--your--every--EMOTIONS

A person is not weak and meek when they are --open--and---EMOTIONAL
they are wise intelligent and bright, when in  the open they are honest sincere and true in every--EMOTIONS--good bad and ugly happy and sad--complete and. EMOTIONALLY---HEALING----FuLL

By john d jungers
24 th of september 2017

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We all have so many EMOTIONS