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Here in the house their  is this --lone-
-LITTLE--FLY--really, since yesterday--HARASSING--and--DISTURBING--ME
even as im a writing and typing,  he is a buzzin and  around me, and he  just thinks that its oh so --F-U-N-N-Y-FUNNY--F-U-N-N-Y

He just now did a -----FLY-BY-OVER-PASS --RECON-- and. --REVIEW
probably he knows that im  gettin. Very.verry-Very  --UPSET--and-- pretty soon im gonna --chase him --catch--him--swat--him--and --ATTACK--him --TOO

Past my right--EAR--i--hear--him--BUZZING--and--B-U-Z-Z-I-N-G

But he is  more ---CLEVER-clever-CLEVER--- than  you  would --EVEN-e-v-e-n-EVEN---expect--and---think
because soon he will be hiding and outta sight outta mind and hiding and --S-M-I-L-I-N-G-- with a crazy.--little--confident--defiant-- WINK

Oh look at this little bully of a --FLY
he is right here by my right arm at --SIDE

Because he knows im writing with my right --HAND
and i cant swat him and thats his very --clever-CLEVER-clever--little--plot--and--PLAN

We --have--NO--- FLY--SWATTER
and  maybe I've gotta---GETS-- one --  that-- WILL--DO--HIM--IN--for--S-U-R-E

But believe it or not. with all of his ---HARASSING--taunting---distractions
its kinda a cool distraction this cat and Mouse.  And ---hide --and--seek--and--FLY-BYE--attacks--and-- actions

This lone --little--fly --and --ME
i think i will just let him,  fly and continue to harass me for this moment but maybe pretty soon i will have --HAD--enough again and cease his --reality

But for now im letting him be
as he continues to ----TAUNT--- and ----TEASE----and --BUZZ-BUZZ--BUZZ---and. FLY--BY--ME---------------------just-so-happy----CLEVER-clever-CLEVER----and--FREE

Even as im a ready to end this poem
here he is landing on my fore finger alone

 The -----NERVE--of----this--- L--I--T--T--L--E--- ----fly 
dont he  know that he could --- easily-EASILY-easily-- be--SWATTED-- and --SIGH

Oh ---but ---no ---not ---this--- little--- guy
 He is on my knee on my leg on my finger buzzed in my face and just landed here on my screen
man this little fly can drive a guy ---crazy-CRAZY-crazy-- and make ya --SCREAM-S-C-R-E-A-M-SCREAM

But when he knows he has pushed me to thie--VERY-VERY-VERY-- end --and --final--limit
he stays hidden away and --HE-GRINS-LAUGHS-and-SMILES-- cause again he is resting with --SMILES-- until the next  attack --R-E-S-T-S---THINKS--- and --CLEAVERLY--ponders---waits-debates--and--sits

By john d JUNGERS
27 th of september 2017

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Here their is a lone little --FLY-- disturbing me