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Do you hear the beating heart of the loving poet!
Soft, strong and Rhythmic...Gentle and true.
Like no other commonplace sound.
The sum of many years of pain, many sorrows found!
Yet, it beats to its own drummer's roll........
Never slowing, or taking a toll...

There is a time when joy and beauty fill entire brim.
It is a gift, to outweigh the dark and grim.........
Walking in light, sleeping now, and then,
The sleeping poet still holds the Pen...

Still looking to another's heart,  knowing  life's
Rewards, and demands looking forward to, 
Acknowledge worth and the day to shake your
For now, it's healing, to know, that another

Long live this art of truth and love, someday 
I'll see the poets that guided me...
Thank You, for lifting my eyes so they can see. 
Wherever you go, in all you do, 
My gratitude reaches out to you.

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Grateful Heart. Allseasonsverse