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Many times we all FEEL sadness
and sometimes when we FEEL, knocked down and out, we gotta reach down DEEP, and find some gladness

Sadness can come a sneakin, and a creepin in
and sadness in a cold hush and rush of  bitter cold air, can take and  --SELFISHLY--RUTHLESS--UNKINDLY--UNCARINGLY-------AMBUSH------- your-- PEACE,LOVE and --SERENITY--WELLNESS--MOTIVATION--and----MOMENTUM-- with--down--and --frown --win

Sadness ---comes---sometimes--so--so--so---AMBUSHABLY--UNEXPECTABLY--exhaustingly---- SLOWLY--- a ---creeping--- and--- a ---LOWLY----a--crawling-- in
sadness will get you down and in a minute you will lose and be pinned

When sadness comes near
give it no mind attention thought or listening ear

HAPPINESS-- is the --ONLY-THING-THAT- sadness will FEAR
hold onto your---HAPPINESS---HAPPINESS---HAPPINESS--- with your ---FAITHFULNESS,--- LOVINGNESS, ---HOPEFULNESS, ---through-----POSITIVINGLY---PRAYFULNESS----at----your-----MOTIVATIONALLY----smiling----s--m--i--l--i--n--g-----away--every--sadness-with--a-----HEART------SMILING-HEAD-to-TOE-----WITH---HAPPINESS--happiness--HAPPINESS---ear----to----EAR

By john d jungers

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Many times we all feel sadness