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So much is --------always-ALWAYS-always----------on--my--MIND
and, when i DO, W-R-I-T-E-Little, simple, or maybe in depth and complicated-- POEM, --to, myself--PEACE--SERENITY--and--R-E-S-T----i-----FIND

Really for --------every-EVERY-every--------P-O-E-M---that --I--may--- POST----and ---write-WRITE--ands---w-r-i-t-E
there was another --TEN--or--TWELVE-- that --were--G-O-I-N-G--through-- my ----------HEART-heart-HEART--------and --------MIND-mind-MIND-------- that-- i --didnt --write --and --jot --it --down --nor -------P--O--S--T---here ----on ---my ---POETRYPOEM-----SITE

I rest, then awake
and sometimes even very tierdly-- a --little --P-O-E-M--i ----W-R-I-T-E---anyways---then---- and ---make

Maybe some are weak, some are strong
but any writer they know that--whatever-- they -do --WRITE, -write--WRITE--that --RIGHT-RIGHT-RIGHT---in----their----HEART-heart-HEART-----------every-EVERY-every---------word-----inPOEM, ----and-----rhyme------in------thei------HEART-----shines-SHINES-shines------and---B-E-L-O-N-G-S

By john d JUNGERS

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So MUCH is on my MIND