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One, two, three strikes your out in the old ball game...
I've been singing that old tune today, as I polish the
Trophy's on the mantle!
Ever get a song in your head, it can set the stage......
At least it's a catchy tune,and not an act of rage..
Baseball is the spirit of America my Gramps would say...
When we finished our work we'd be on our way...
Cleveland Stadium was the place we go, always
Hoping for New York, but that wasn't possible, before
I was licensed to drive, a valued ball player in Family
Reunions at the age of five... 
Back in the day, Baseball was my game, wish this sport
Was the same... I believe it still can be, as I place the mantle
My Brother's last trophy....
No matter how those stadiums pack, I will always love my
Peanuts and cracker jacks, .....At the Old Ball Game, it calls
Out Mickey's Name
( Mickey Mantle, Mickey Charles Mantle1931-1997) ( A true 
Ball player and special Star among the stars)

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Peanuts and Crackerjacks