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It was a time when grief weighed heavy and
Sleepless nights haunt the soul...
My family die one by one, can't take no
No more, I pray for this to end. My tears
Take it's toll, my life begins to bend..

My prayers are whispered by the light of a winter's moon.
I found Mercy in that cold icy night, when my dreams visit
With my loved ones sight, in my Father's room he sat motionless
In his chair, a white light filed each corner, it's glow was bright!

An Angel appeared at the foot of his chair, he reached beyond
The stillness of my Father's heart, as the Angel's hand withdrew
a child...... Appeared
A youth again forever more, his years restored....

The Angel's wings opened wide, the child and him began to glide.
He takes the child to Jesus, and place him by his side.
A glow of Moonlight's gleam reveals a Heavenly beam...
I witnessed his flight on that cold and sorrowful night....

I seen the Grace on his young face, and felt the warmth
In a distant place, was it a dream?  Or God's sweet love
That sent me peace from my Father's home, now above...
A moment cherished in a time of grief, a sweet relief..
A blessing, an answered prayer, that all my loved ones
Are complete, in Heavens Care..

Living life to it's fullest, my heart beats a sad, sad tune.
I know my journey unfolds to a home of distant places
When we join again, the light will reveal their loving Faces..
I know of strife, but we all do, I count my blessings...
As I witness life..So true. Hope is softly measured
It is there in each moment, it is ours to be treasured..
Love is always there, we continue to care...
A part of those we love, stay behind, it is the
Hope of another kind..

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