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Autumn, is traveling to winter's call..
The trees are almost bare, there's
A lasting chill in the air...
A time between season's arise
The hush, before the soulful sighs

Trees no longer sway in grace they
Become still to sleep in winter's trace..
Long sleep, the forest Crys, closing
Softly it's heavy eyes...
What brings this sweep of seasons sleep..

The Power greater than us all, He designs
the seasons, like night and day. He gently 
Sweeps his hand, and special season's turns
with time, he brings slumber in richness, kind..
His mighty work you will find..

Between season's arise,  a time of pause
In "Nature's Cause." Come look and see..
The mystery,  the onward walk of serenity..
The time that whispers to the trees, a soft
Hymn, it sings...Kisses gently with a promise
For many things..Sleeps before, the call of spring. ŠAllseasonsverse 2018/06/10 All Rights Reserved SC

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Sleeps Before the call of Spring