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No journey unfolds without hesitation
When faced with the voice of strife, it slows 
Our destination...
But we are not alone, we all have our own, 
Obstacles and walls,  we weather the storms,
We stand from our falls.

Onward in the snow, wind, and rain, we face
The forces of that bring joy, and pain, we 
Live in a world of extraordinary will, our moment's
Of warmth, and hours of thrill, some of us...
Make it over the hill, so hold on to your iron
"Will" until the end, you find the way when 
The journey bends.

My prayers for you to God, I send...Be safe
My friend...
Know we share the same, in a world that calls
Out our name.
My restless spirit begin, knowing each storm
Will tame... 
Until then... ...As you've been told
A worlds journey unfolds!!
(With all my love, to my son overseas)

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A Worldly Journey