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Sometimes our--greatest--pains-stresses--and--deep--HURTS
are our biggest blessings --as, heaven --WORTH

Our deepest hurts, can, turn about to be blessings --ELITE
our greatest hopes, can become our biggest --DEFEAT

What we wish, hope and pray--FOR
can be off course and --way--OFF--SHORE

Sometimes our greatest hurts pains and --SET--BACKS
is GODS, will --not--ours-- , of setting things on course--and--back on --TRACK

Sometimes--- what ---we --WISH----HOPE--- and ---PRAY---for ---to ---Be--and---BECOME---R-E-A-L-I-T-Y
GOD,--- has ---other--- Plans--- for ---YOU---and ---ME

Our greatest set backs and hurts can become, our best blessings in the --E-N-D
as GODS, blessings abundantly to us he --LOVINGLY---S-E-N-D-S

Even though at present the,  hurts turmoil, stress and unrest, may,hurt so very --DEEP
hold ---onto ---FAITH, ---and ---Alive ---and ---well----your----HOPE, ----cling---to----and----KEEP

By John d jungers

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Sometimes our greatest--hurts