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It was a time when color pencils,
construction paper and scissors
Created a day of entertainment and
 It's was a time,  when we made us
Own toys.
Paper dolls, a whole family,

and a dog named Troy.

Up when the sun would rise, gathering 
Old magazines and cardboard pieces
Cutting, clipping, pasting, and placing
A paper doll town, with a paper doll Queen
With her crown.

We'd pass the hours with our projects and
Play, the hours seemed to last long, always 
Something to do, with a happy song.
Found an old paper doll and paper planes
We made our happiness, good clean fun
Always something to do, my paper dolls
And I, on the run.

Time moves on now
there are virtual reality games,
But paper dolls in my book,
still has it's Fame.

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Paper Dolls had their Day