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Walking the fine line
sometimes making great progress, and moving fast, and sometimes moving slow and sometimes just stopped and marking time

With, communications, with all, family, friend or foe
its sometimes a challenge supreme, on which way to go

When to reach out and speak
when to be quiet and wait and hide and seek

for,some is like being on an--extended--vacation

Some folk they just have nothing --good--or---positive --to --say
if to them you speak first they will make you weak, and cause you stress-and--dismay

With all communications, things happen great and small, that sets things off track from the --relaxed --non-taxed-- and----norm
communications cease when the rains come down in the falling out storm

So then an hour goes by then a day then a week, then a month or LONGER
so, the  person who is -- kind and humble will start the conversation --cause --they --are --stronger

So, folks just love to, hold there ground
and will remain silent with no communication or voice to be found

Sometimes silence
will lead to angry frustration disappointment and resent

With a father and his CHILDREN
no matter how old they have become and grown, a father can not bow down to his children , not any  of--THEM

It comes to a point of no return
when a fathers children the bridges of respect they burn

So for a dad
when communication, is off track, he feels so sad and so bad

But a life lesson will be learned
that in your life living and LOVE, no matter who you are , communication in all for family friend and foe--RESPECT--has--to--BE----RE--EARNED


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Walking the fine line