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Realize how you are--BLESSEDED.
 Before, you get down and out and. DEPRESSED

Realize and know how completely, and elitely,  you are --greatly--and--abundantely---BLESSED
think ---VERY-very-VERY---DEEPLY-- not shallowly, --before you get ---DEPRESSED

Count your ----every -EVERY-every----great, and small, BLESSING
in, your life, living, and LOVE--in-----EVERYTHING-everything-EVERYTHING

When- ever you get down, whenever you wear a sad--hurtful, depressing--Sad--low--dreary and down--FROWN
regroup, recoup, improvise, adapt, and overcome, get up and get out and about, get out on the run, make things happen, have, enjoyment make your -fun, ---Pro-Actively--and--Completely-elitely--with--Pure-love--HOPE---and--FAITH--turn, your-depression,hurts sadness and frown, to --HAPPINESSS,-- HOPE, --FAITH,-- and BLISS,---and--turn--things-for, the better and the very BEST, of the  BEST --around--and-with-renewed , vigor, and ----------MOTIVATION------------STRONGER------------, than -ever---------HUMBLY---------thoughtfully---kindly-----count, your -------every-EVERY-every--------abundant---GREAT---B-L-E-S-S-I-N-G-S----and-----R-E-B-O-U-D

Just-- breathe, --in--PureLOVE--relax, meditate and--PRAY
turn your every sadness, and every,  frown,  with, hurts, worry, and   Deep, down, devastating --depressing---despair,--- to ---GREAT--HAPPINESS-- and --TRUEJOY, and BLISS--beyond any other in compare, and , with --POSITIVITY,---beat and drown out any and every negativity,and --GLOW---PRAY, --and --SHINE---and you will be better than GREAT and fine--and--with renewed ---MOTIVATION, ---and ---VIGOR, ---with --PURELOVE--, before you in your----PATH--PRAY--and--FAITHFULLY--MOTIVATIONALLY--and--BLESSEDELY--POSSITIVELY----regroup, --recoup----and----Better, --and --your--very--BEST--of--your--BEST---get-up, get out get about--and----very--goal--ORIENTED--disciplined--and--FOCUSED----positively----regroup-recoup--and----get, back on track--get--your---MOTIVATION---BACK---and---positively---excel, succeed,mtakevthe lead---and---STAY

12th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Realize how you are BLESSEDED